How to make $200 with Canva and Kickpages

[, Music, ], okay, we’re going to jump into the dashboard here of kick pages. Let’S go into projects open up a new project. At the same time, what i’ve done is i’ve already uh designed this uh template, i’m just gon na go into edit and show you what i’ve actually done. Okay, so what we’ve done here is we’ve just put on our own logo and business name or company. So obviously, you can create a logo in canva, for example, and then you just go along here and put in the uploaded two kick pages if you’re a kick page user, okay, we’ve put in the name of the business here now, what a little trick once you Get the the logo of the company, you can use a um, a chrome extension called color dropper, which will give you the exact color click on the color of the uh of where you want to get it and it’ll. Give you the exact code here and then you just go in and obviously just customize your color in key pages, and that looks all uniformed all righty. So a little here you can go in and get menus from. You know, google, my business pages and things like this this one. This was required that we did um and they actually sent us the menu, but the call to action. The first call to action here past the drinks menu was uh. We we built a google business page for them, so after every menu block, we put a call to action to to build authority using google, my business and for seo purposes. We also went across the google maps and got the embed code, and this is where you put the code. You won’t see in the preview after this, but um. I can do something a little bit more and show you exactly what that looks like if, if you think that’s that’s worth looking into, if you don’t know how to do it, obviously for seo purposes, the name address and phone number is very important, uh and then Yeah obviously put the logo there and you know your stuff down the bottom, for your social links and and don’t forget to put your company name there. If that’s what you want to do, okay, so pretty straightforward, looks nice and neat i’m just going to share what that looks. Like live. I publish this to my own domain, so it’s a secure, url and it looks fantastic and the customer absolutely loves it. A quick 200 bucks um charged amount of 50 an hour to build. This took me about four hours, because i was playing around with it. But yeah you got a head start. If you can knock over a couple of these uh. You know using this template just to rinse and repeat you put your screamer in there uh just to to rank it locally and uh yeah and you’re happy ready to go. So i’m going to show you how to do the qr code down camera to change devices and um just have a bit of a tech issue. So what we’ve done is we’ve just used the text here and we’ve put the companies, you put your company’s logo there and and you’ve got your qr code right there for them, for your customers to ski to scan, um other call to actions on there. If you like, uh, maybe some specials depending on what you want to do all right, then you send that off to the client. You download that in canva i’m not going to do a camber lesson here. I’M just going to assume that the people watching this video will know how to do it, if not i’ll. I do plan on making a video on camera if that will help. Just just let me know, and i’m happy to take you through that process, it’s a pretty pretty straightforward thing. All right and i’ll. Just show you exactly how effective this works. Okay, so i’m just going to show you a real live. So what this actually looks like uh just to test this for the customer, we’re just going to open up our camera on our device. We’Re going to take a quick pick and you’ll see that now that’ll come up to the screen and you click on the link and every day secure, url, it’s going to bring them up and they’ve got a beautiful menu and it’s a pretty fancy way to show Your clients, how good you are trust me. It was uh very impressive. All right. Thanks guys any questions, um, just uh feel free to to leave comments and i’ll be happy to share some more okay, see you bye. You

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SEO Content Marketing Strategy Template

It is widespread in the marketing world to hear about seo and content marketing. We would go so far as to say that these two things have become the bread and butter of many enterprises marketing strategy in this tutorial we’re going to explain the relationship between seo and content marketing.

What is search engine optimization seo is what businesses do when they want to improve their rankings in search engines. Historically, seo has a dark side and many people still think it’s a geek like me sitting in a dark room, bashing, a keyboard we hear about algorithms and keywords and that’s a part of the process. Google seo strategy comes from a combination of planning, research, preparation and optimization. This is an endless loop to build your authority with google there’s another word.

We hear a lot in the seo world authority is what google measures your expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness in my world. We call this eat e-a-t having a fun clean, professional website is filled with your awesome articles, content and resources is what is required. Finally, keywords are the bridge between a visitor searching on google, the search engine and your website which hosts the content. In a nutshell, google is a giant switchboard trying to connect people to information, and there are about 63 000 search queries done per second. What is content marketing content? Marketing refers to the content generated by a company to attract potential customers, identify leads and hopefully turn them into. Sales content can also be used as a retention strategy for existing customers. This is where the buyer’s journey starts on your website when they enter your funnel stage.

One is the top of the funnel stage. Two is the middle of the funnel stage. Three is the bottom of the funnel. The process is sending traffic to your website where they enter the top of the funnel when they qualify by consuming your communication and taking action. Such as contact they’re entering the middle of the funnel finally, the bottom of the funnel is what you do with your back end marketing. Why is content marketing important for seo?

Your business can’t fully reap the reward of a good marketing campaign without effectively employing seo and content marketing. So how do seo and content marketing work together? Any successful seo campaign will have high quality content behind it. How to use the seo content planning template before we begin check the blog article in the link in this video for details on how to build a strategy.

  • One target customers in all stages of the buyer’s journey
  • two perform a keyword, research. We also have an seo keyword. Research made simple tutorial that helps you explore keyword, gaps in your competitors, ranking
  • three write: great content,
  • four optimize, your content for seo
  • five build links.

Finally, when you have an understanding of your content strategy, put it all into your seo content planning template, follow the new article checklist tab begin with topics and keyword, research.

Next start the article planning and writing start to stage the article on your website complete seo. Optimization and schedule your article to publish it’s that simple, the content pipeline should contain all the new and upcoming articles in your content strategy.

Add your article title update your statuses to stay current on every step. Add due dates to your articles and overview summary of objectives. Your focus keyword, other keywords for the writer content competitors found during research. Brief bullet point outline featured snippets opportunity. This article can rank for other content and marketing asset ideas. The last stretch is optimizing. Your title tag a meta description, making sure you’re putting a header image. Alt text and the working links and that’s done – you’ve set up your content pipeline and now you can plan all of your articles to rank better on google and receive more free traffic from the search results thanks for reading, i’m publishing articles on growth, hacking, digital marketing, how to be a successful entrepreneur. I really want to enable you to become a decision maker in your own business in the future of work. So if you want to come along with me on this journey, make sure you read our articles and i’ll talk to you real soon.

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